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The World of epMotion

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epMotion offers labs a revolutionary way of pipetting. We wanted to know where epMotion is used. So we sent out our camera team to observe the work of two independent laboratories. As a result we produced two short films about "The World of epMotion", showing the exciting environment epMotion is used in - for example at "Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc." in Phoenix, Arizona/USA. There, epMotion supports forensic crime detection. Become an actor in "The World of epMotion" Your lab is using epMotion? Apply for our short film No. 3 and tell us how you use or would use epMotion in your lab! If your way of using epMotion or your method of research is particularly interesting, very unique or super innovative, we might be visiting you and your colleagues with our camera team soon. www.eppendorf.com/worldofepmotion

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